A bit about Luna City … and a bit about Batman

Przeczytaj artykuł po polsku

Dear Readers,
Few days ago Jarek Ewertowski shared with us information about plans of module terrain idea for Warzone Ressurection. I’m very excited, especially about a chance of bringing Luna City to life. This is a good occasion to say few words about Luna. This is a very special place in Mutant Chronicles universe, a great city-moon and capital of the Solar System. A diplomatic center of every corporation where all those factions are trying to solve their problems in white gloves but aventually solve them in more dirty way through political assassinations in dark alleys. A home for countless freelancers (about 90% of whole population) who chosed a life in shadow of megacorporations (or just weren’t good enough to be hired by them) for whom every day in this concrete anthill is a desperate struggle for survival. A city ruled by the Holy Brotherhood guided by the Cardinal who watches carefully streets of Luna through the eyes of the Inquisitors but still cannot reach the cults that are hatching in the underground mazes deep below the Cathedral. But this is also a place of culture. A place of artists and celebrities, concerts, clubs, restaurants and expensive nightlife soaked in the lights of neons.


Many of You believe that the present appearance of Luna City were created by Paul Bonner which is not entirely true. Of course, Paul Bonner has great merits for the world of Mutant Chronicles, and his arts has defined an appearance of many canonical characters and places in this setting. But first ilustrations with Luna City came with such an artists like Peter Bergting and Paolo Parente in first edition of Mutant Chronicles RPG rulebook.

But no matter who was first all artist shared a similar vision. It is quite interesting how it would be if back in the nineties the crew was joined by Timm Bruce. An artist responsible for Batman the Animated Series (1992) seemingly has nothing to do with the previously mentioned illustrators. Meanwhile, however he created Gotham unusally familiar to every inhabitant of Luna City. The reason is obvious – same inspiration. Every one of them were clearly reaching to the very essence of art and architecture of first half of the 20th century. In both cities we can feel a strong influence of art deco, modernism and art nouveau, which all combined give a something like climate of the interwar period. I am convinced that it would be a good lead for designers and sculptors to follow if there will be any works on the Luna terrains. I believe that such aesthetic suits perfectly the world of battlefields of trenches, gasmasks and prussian pickelhaube.

-Editor X