The Cabinet haven’t said its last word yet.

Yesterday I succed to contact Jay – Cabinet Entertainment representative and what I learned from him is quite heartwarming. Well, we have another confirmation that Cabinet does not intend to abandon Warzone. There was also a mention of something completely new – „Perilous Worlds”, a book with stories from the world of Mutant Chronicles. Jay also said something about the mysterious „other” projects they are working on.

Thank you for your e-mail and interest in Mutant Chronicles and Warzone.


The world of Mutant Chronicles is more active now than in many years with Prodos Games’ five-year run with Warzone, around 20 RPG products released so far by Modiphius Entertainment, the successful Kickstarter for the Siege of the Citadel board game (currently at the factory), the digital Doom Trooper CCG in development by Secret Cow Level, Mutant Chronicles novels in development for our new book imprint Perilous Worlds, and other exciting projects still in early stages. We also hope to find a solid plan to continue Warzone in some shape or form.


In Nomine Cardinalis.


/ Jay @ Cabinet Entertainment


Ladies and gentlemen, it gonna be interesting!

Kind regards
Editor X –


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